Basin & Support Structure Coatings

Basin & Support Structure Coatings

HCTS technicians are trained to spray and brush apply a variety of protective coatings for basins, support structures & other cooling tower related components. Applying protective coatings to cooling tower structures like basins is a quick and simple way to prevent damage and unnecessary repair costs. The protective coatings we use, here at HCTS, come in a wide range of colours & qualities. By taking advantage of our cooling tower services, our customers effectively minimize damage to their valued industrial structures.

Basin Before
Basin After

Industrial coatings are important for a number of reasons. First, to extend the life of basins and other support structures. Second, to greatly reduce repair & maintenance costs on an on-going basis. And finally, coating basin structures creates more layers of protection for the metal, shielding it from the harsh realities of Canadian winters, which can be detrimental. All in all, HCTS is a full service cooling tower specialist, with the means to offer supplementary protective services such as industrial basin coating & painting.

For problems related to cooling tower corrosion, HCTS offers the following cooling tower repair options:

  • Mechanical preparation
  • Sand, media & glass blasting preparation
  • Application of marine-grade 2 part epoxy coatings
  • Several coats (minimum 10mm thickness) are applied in succession

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