Cooling Tower Repairs

Cooling Tower Repairs

Through our years of experience, HCTS has learned that a well-kept cooling tower system will offer trouble free cooling capabilities over an extended period of time. As heavy cooling tower specialists, we strongly advise our clients to stay on top of repairs & preventative maintenance in an effort to maintain the efficiency of the cooling tower system. Being diligent about cooling tower repairs will result in cost & time savings for your business. Also, it will increase the lifespan of your cooling towers and AHU's (air handler units). In fact, most cooling tower and air handling unit corrosion is a result of the cooling tower coating approaching the end of its lifespan. The major cause of aging cooling towers is corrosion due to exposure to chemicals and harsh environments. Over time, we have come to understand that the internal surfaces & components of cooling towers and air handler units are most likely to become heavily corroded. HCTS uses marine grade epoxy coatings to extend the life expectancy of your roof top units.

Another problem that affects cooling towers as well as air handling units are the mastic that is between joints. Over extended periods of time, this begins to break down and thus lose its elasticity. As a consequence, the entire structure begins to leak from these areas, often leading to catastrophe. HCTS has the answer, and it is a quality cooling tower repair.

Other general cooling tower repairs include:

  • Bearing replacement
  • Removal & replacement of seams
  • Cocking of seams with OEM supplied materials
  • Fill media replacement
  • Full refurbishment of cooling tower systems
  • Coatings for internal components
  • Hot water deck replacement

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