Legionella Bacteria Prevention

Legionella Bacteria Prevention

There are many steps involved in dealing with Legionella. First, understanding and recognizing the outbreaks related to the Legionella bacteria that occur is important. This means identifying the source, containing the outbreak and keeping a close eye on cooling tower contamination going forward.

At HCTS, we believe that a Legionella risk assessment is the first step in identifying the risk of Legionella and other bacterial strains in cooling tower systems. The Legionella risk assessment is a type of cooling tower inspection aimed at determining the possible areas of contamination, which are most commonly found to be on the internal surfaces.

The next step in tackling the issue of cooling tower disinfection is the implementation of a proactive risk management program. Our experienced technicians will recommend the various processes and actions required to control the identified bacterial risks. Further, a risk management program will also ensure regulatory compliance.

Recent research indicates that outbreaks of Legionnaires' Disease are often associated with both cooling tower systems and hot and cold water systems.

In light of such news, it is imperative that businesses operating in both the industrial & commercial sectors need to take action and have their cooling towers inspected & cleaned on a routine basis. HCTS is a knowledgeable and experienced heavy cooling tower service provider that will confidently handle your bacterial disinfection problem quickly and efficiently.

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