HCTS supplies various grades of oil for your cooling tower gear boxes. We offer bi-annual & annual oil change contracts, depending on the particulars of your cooling tower system. Gear boxes are integral parts of cooling tower systems, and as such, need to be taken well care of. Like the oil in a car engine, gear box oil needs to be changed frequently enough to prevent substantial damage to the actual gear box. Gear boxes can be very expensive, usually beginning in the thousands of dollars range. Therefore, it far more economical and wise to enter into oil change contracts with HCTS than to subject your gear box to extended periods of neglected service.

Plus Gear Oil

This is a normal duty mineral oil that is oxidation, corrosion and rust inhibited. It has been anti-foam treated & is a great demulsifier.

Synthetic Gear Oil

This is a high temperature, severe duty synthetic lubricant for cooling tower systems. Compatible with polyacrylate, polyurethane, ethylene, silicone, chlorinated polyethylene, polysulfide and fluorocarbon.