Air Handler Inspections / Cleanings

Air Handler Inspections / Cleanings

For industrial and commercial customers, we highly recommend regular cleaning for heat-exchange coils, cooling tower cooling coils, air-flow control devices, filtration devices, and air-handling equipment. Air Handling Units (AHU's) cleanings are a necessary step in preventing restrictions, blockages and bacterial contamination. Mineral deposits, along with dirt, dust & debris may cause system performance inefficiencies or the degradation of air-flow, which could significantly affect the design intent of the overall HVAC system.

Due primarily to the environment that air handling units are exposed to, they don't tend to last as long as they should. Such environmental factors as harsh weather including rain, sleet, hail and snow cause rusting and other types of damage to metal components. Therefore, refurbishment of the metal, along with layers of coating, would extend the life of an air handler unit (AHU). HCTS has several years of experience conducting preventative maintenance for cooling towers and related parts.

As the owner and/or manager of an industrial plant, it is important to know that HVAC air handlers age over time and become significantly less efficient. This can actually have a negative impact of the quality of indoor air. We advise our customers not to neglect air handler cleaning, as it is the only measure that will effectively optimize efficiency and improve the quality of air for a manufacturing plant, production facility, warehouse, distribution center or any other type of industrial building.

We service, clean & inspect the following air handler units:

  • air blowers
  • filtration equipment
  • cooling coils

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